Orlando Photography Studio
2601 East Jefferson Street
Orlando, FL 32803

Direct Lines:
Carlos Romero: 407-719-7005
Deon Cooper: 407-720-1274



Carlos Romero

Well-versed in many areas of imaging, Carlos has been actively engaged in photography for 6 years. Throughout most of his career, he’s maintained a philosophy of not limiting himself to one genre of photography, and really pushing to strive in all areas of the art. His photography reach is very broad, including weddings, TV ads, social media imaging, headshots, automotive, and astrophotography.

Carlos’s favorite color is orange, the key to his heart is chocolate, he’s a nerdy photographer, and he can fix nearly anything with nuts and bolts. 

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Deon Cooper

What started off as a hobby quickly turned into a passion. Since 2013, Deon fully dove into the photography world where he’s captured images in multiple fields, including automotive, boudoir, family, social media/clothing branding, food, events/nightlife, headshots and, of course, his personal travel imagery.  

When he's not in the studio, shooting in the field, or editing, you can find Deon satisfying his wanderlust addiction, having a drink at a local bar, or watching Netflix. Sleep is very limited.