Light. It .Up.



These are our beloved Revo 600’s by Flashpoint. We love these lights and have helped us out on many shoots as well as our members and patrons. They’re 600w/s battery powered strobes and respond to most trigger and receiver system you already work with. They High Speed Sync and pack a good punch with 600 watts of power for that sharp look you’re looking for.

These are available for rent for just $30 per head per rental.


Your rental comes with the two 400 watt Flashpoint strobes. These are awesome lights for just about any project and are bowens mount so they fit all the modifiers in the studio and you can even bring your own!

Available for Rent


Broncolor Packs and Heads

We have a Senso A4 pack pumping out 2400 watts through each of its two Lito heads.It’s able to receive most PC SYNC or 3.5mm jack-capelable triggering systems like Pocket Wizard. We love these systems and are able to deliver the consistent power for those dramatic sets. Great for filling big modifiers such as our 6’ Para or PLM’s

-$150 per pack per rental
-$50 per head per rental


Profoto Acute R2 Pack and Heads

A name that needs no introduction, the Acute2 Kit can handle just about anything you need to throw at it. Fast recycling times with great light consistency will bring your vision to life.

-$100 For the pack per rental
-$40 per lamp per rental


Video Lighting Equipment


Studio CFL Light Banks

If you’re doing a video production, we swap out the two included strobes for these two light banks. These guys are bright enough for any set and are able to be diffused or focused with the gridded system pictured. They fit on C-stands or are able to be hung from the ceiling.


LED and Starlight Tungsten Systems

For when you want a little touch of the sun, we have bright, 1000w tungsten lighting available. For whatever interview, scene, set or other vision you have at the space, these guys can fill it. They fit most of the modifiers at the studio

-$25 per lamp per rental

Need more?

We have partnerships with rental houses around town! If you need something we don’t have we’ll be happy to arrange whatever equipment you need to make your session when you do! We have access to Arri, HMI systems, scrims, flags, 2kW Fresnel lights, larger c-stands ect.